Must-Have Items To Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cozy

Having a cozy bedroom not only makes you look forward to sleeping in it, but also helps you unwind and sleep peacefully at night. A cozy bedroom has the potential to make your room look aesthetically pleasing too. From decorating the walls with inspiring quotes or paintings to adding soft lighting, there are many ways to turn your bedroom into a cozy haven. In this blog, we’re sharing some of our must-have items that will help you make your bedroom feel extra cozy. Start off by getting yourself a fleece throw blanket and one line a day journal and let the creativity flow from there!

Fleece Throw Blanket

– A fleece throw blanket is a cozy, easy-clean fabric ideal for living rooms as they will get the most wear.

– Weighted throws are also great for bedrooms, as they provide a cozier sleep experience.

– Throw blankets can be styled in various ways around the home for a classic accessory.

– They come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a great gift item for the winter.

– As the weather warms up, a weighted blanket can provide extra support and warmth when you need it the most.

– Many people use throw blankets as an essential oil diffuser or white noise machine.

They’re easy to use and versatile, making them a must-have accessory in any home.

One Line a Day Journal

– If you’re looking for a way to unwind before bed, journaling is a great way to do so. The One Line a Day Journal requires minimal commitment, just write down one line about your day, every day. At the end of five years, you’ll have a truncated account of your life to look back on. This will help you reflect on the experiences and growth of the past few years.

– Invest in blackout curtains to make sure your room is completely dark when sleeping. This will allow you to get the most restful sleep possible without any light disrupting your slumber. Besides, black-out curtains help save on energy costs by reducing the amount of light entering the room

– Get creative with decor such as a metal star banner to give your room an enchanting feel. This will help draw in the feeling of cozy warmth and coziness in the air. Also, add a shag rug to your bedroom to make sure the first thing your feet step on each morning is soft and cozy

Glass Plant Mister

A glass plant mister is a great addition to any bedroom for its beauty, functionality, and aesthetic value. A glass plant mister is an essential component of a humid room that enhances the feeling of clean and freshness. It helps increase the humidity level in the room, making it ideal for those suffering from dry skin or other issues.

A glass plant miter can be used to add extra moisture to your room without using water. It has a flexible neck that allows you to adjust the water output as per your needs. Moreover, it has a hygienic design that prevents bacteria and other infections from entering your room. You can easily find a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

A glass plant miter is an excellent way to decorate your bedroom and make it feel cozy and fresh. They are easy to use and safe to use, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a unique yet effective decorating element.

Light Blocking Window Curtain

– Window coverings can help create a cozy bedroom environment.

– Light blocking window curtains are ideal for blocking light and creating complete darkness. They can also provide privacy and shelter from the elements, making them the perfect choice for bedrooms.

– Curtains can be used to keep light out and achieve desired style.

– They can be used as a focal point in the room for added decor or as an extra layer of protection from the sun or wind.

– Memory foam mattress toppers provide additional coziness and comfort and come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, providing a multitude of options for creating the perfect bedding experience.

A cozy bedroom is one filled with light, warmth, and smiles, so it’s important to carefully consider the items you select for your bedroom decorating. Whether you opt for curtains or other window coverings, you’ll find that they provide many benefits in terms of style and function.

Amped Fleece Pillow

The Amped Fleece Pillow is a super soft and cozy pillow that is made of plush, extra-soft fleece fabric. This fabric will keep you comfortable all night long and is perfect for any season. Whether it’s summer or winter, the Amped Fleecy Pillow will keep you cool and warm in equal measure. It is available in a variety of colors to match your bedroom decor, making it easy for you to pick the one that best fits your style.

The Amped Fleece Pillow is also easy to care for, as it is machine washable and dryer safe. This makes it convenient for you to clean and maintain the pillow easily without any hassle.

Bulb Firefly Table Lamp

A cozy bedroom setting doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to create. In fact, a few must-have items can go a long way in making the bedroom feel cozy and inviting.

– One item to consider is the light bulb Firefly Table Lamp. The lamp is bright enough to be used as a bedside lamp without disturbing sleep, and it’s small enough to fit in any room size. Plus, its sleek design makes it an excellent choice for decorating bedrooms.

– Another must-have item for a cozy bedroom is P.F. Candle Co. Room Sprays. These scented sprays are perfect for adding a hint of fragrance to the room, and they’re easy to use and affordable too. Other cozy room ideas include installing sconces instead of table lamps, which are great for decorating smaller spaces without taking up too much space. Also, try out UGG Oversized Knit Throw Blanket as a cozy bedding option, as it is lightweight and comfortable to sleep under.

These accessories can help create a cozy bedroom setting that is both functional and stylish.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

– Gel memory foam mattress toppers are an affordable alternative to investing in a full-size memory foam mattress.

– They are designed to provide comfort and support while sleeping, and they come in various sizes and colors to suit individual needs.

– Memory foam mattress toppers are perfect for people looking for a softer, more comfortable sleeping experience without breaking the bank. They can help alleviate back pain, reduce tossing and turning, and promote better sleep.

– You can find memory foam mattress toppers online from retailers like Amazon and Urban Outfitters. They’re a great way to add extra comfort and support to your bed without costing you an arm and a leg.

– Whether you’re looking for a new bedding accessory for yourself or someone else in your life, gel memory foam mattress toppers are a great choice. They’re durable and comfy, making them the perfect bedding accessory for any mattress.

Fleece Throw Pillow

– Fleece throw pillow available for purchase for $34 from Urban Outfitters.

– Perfect for adding a cozy touch to any room, these pillows are perfect for providing extra comfort and warmth on those cold winter nights. They’re also great for making your bed extra cozy and comfortable, especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. You can use them to decorate your bedroom in a fun and unique way, or just use them as an extra layer of warmth during the winter months.

– Wicker tray also available for purchase for $128 from Anthropologie.

– This item is perfect for making breakfast in bed or grabbing a quick cup of tea while relaxing in your living room. It’s made of wicker, which means it’s durable and stylish, plus it offers great protection against the elements. It’s also easy to clean and perfect for making your living space look more homey and warm.

Scented Candle

If you’re looking to create a cozy bedroom atmosphere, using scented candles can be a great way to do so. Various scents are available like Lavender, Rose, Camomile, Jasmine, Amber, and Sandalwood. Different scents can create varied atmospheres for different moods and environments.

Using candles in the bedroom isn’t just about creating an atmospheric glow; they can also be used for various purposes. For starters, room sprays can be used to add a pleasant scent to the bedroom. Candle warmers can be used to allow scented candles to waft through the room without a flame. Another option is aromatherapy candles and diffusers, which can be used to create a soothing atmosphere that can help immerse you in the comfort of the scent.

Overall, using scented candles in the bedroom is an effective way to create a tranquil atmosphere that can help enhance your night-time routine and overall experience.

Memory Foam Pillow

– Memory foam pillows provide comfort and support for side sleepers. They are popular for their ability to contour to the shape of the head and neck, providing consistent support regardless of the position the user is in.

– They are also a great investment, as they can last for years and hold their shape well.

– Memory foam pillows are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. They come in everything from standard pillows to ones shaped like dogs, cats, and even dinosaurs.

– It’s possible to find memory foam products in a wide range of prices and styles, making them an affordable option for anyone looking for extra comfort.

– Additionally, they provide excellent support that is gentle on the skin and easy to maintain.

– Some people prefer using pillows made with natural or artificial material options such as feathers or polyester fillings. Others prefer memory foam pillows that are hypoallergenic and don’t require topping up with feathers or down comforters every season.

– Either way, there’s a perfect option for everyone out there.

Lightweight Indoor Slippers

Lightweight indoor slippers are a great way to keep feet warm in the winter. They’re easy to carry around and can be a comfortable alternative to heavy boots. Plus, they’re low-maintenance and can be machine-washed with other whites. The convenience and comfort of indoor slippers make them a popular luxury for homes of all ages and sizes. Some retailers, including Amazon and Pinterest, sell slippers at various prices, making it easy for anyone to find a pair that fits their budget and style. Whether you’re looking for cheap slippers or high-end heels, there’s an option worth exploring.

Wicker Tray

– Add a classic and cozy touch to your bedroom with a stylish wicker tray. These trays are perfect for storing books, blankets, and other household essentials and can be used as a bedside table, nightstand, or decorative piece in your room. They’re sturdily built and can handle the wear and tear of daily use, ensuring years of service for your favorite items. Plus, they’re stylish and versatile enough to match any decor, from traditional to modern.

– Create a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom with lightweight indoor slippers. Indoor slippers are perfect for creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere in your bedroom. They’re ideal for warmer climates and make for easy on-the-go footwear that can also be worn indoors. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to slip on, so you can quickly go from the bed to the bathroom or kitchen without taking off your shoes.

– Lastly, refresh your bedroom with a wicker tray and indoor slickers for an elegant look that’s comfortable and casual at the same time. A Wicker tray is an ideal way to store books, blankets, toys, etc., while indoor slippers are great for creating a cozy ambiance in the room.

These items help create a cozy atmosphere in the room and make it feel like home no matter where you are.

Tasseled Basket

-It is a must-have item to decorate your bedroom and make it cozy and comfortable.

-A tasseled basket can be used as a table for books and other reading materials or as a place to store blankets and throw pillows.

– It is also perfect for storing decorative items, like pins, ribbons, and other small accessories. Plus, it adds a rustic touch to your bedroom decor.

– The pillow is made of fleece material, which is both soft and durable. You can purchase the item online for a reasonable price.

-Both items are great additions to any bedroom decor. They are easy to use and maintain, making them great options for any bedroom style.

Window Panel

A window panel is a great way to add a cozy feel to any bedroom. Perfect for creating a focal point, they come in a range of styles and shapes, such as ovals, rectangles, circles, and stars. From statement headboards to wall-mounted designs with fabric finishes, there’s something to suit every style and preference.

Setting the tone for the room, you can opt for a statement style headboard to anchor the space or a wall-mounted design with a fabric finish for a personal touch. Apart from giving the room an extra light source and privacy barrier, window coverings can also help make the room seem larger. Besides, you can add decorative accents like full-length mirrors, wall decor, rugs, baskets, plants, candles and diffusers to create a relaxing oasis.

Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is an easy way to enhance the ambience of your bedroom with the perfect balance of light and scent. Opt for a diffuser with multiple settings, such as white light, blue light, or color changing mist, so you can customize the experience to fit your needs. In addition to providing soothing aromas, these devices can help purify the air and improve overall mood and sleep quality.

You can also keep a nightlight plugged in to light the way in the dark. This small device can provide relief from symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) by creating a soothing environment that mimics sunlight. Besides, an LED essential oil diffuser can add a starry sky effect to complete the experience.

Room Spray

Get a cozy scent for your bedroom with the P.F. Candle Company room spray, available in scents like amber and moss, teakwood and tobacco, and patchouli sweetgrass. This room spray is a great way to create a cozy environment in your bedroom without using any artificial scents. Plus, it’s made with natural oils and fragrances that provide lasting aromas without causing environmental damage. This room spray is also easy to use and comes in a convenient spray bottle, so you can easily create the perfect aroma wherever you are.

Another must-have item for creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom is Nestl bed sheets, boasting a 4.5 star rating from over 8,500 Amazon reviewers. These bed sheets feature flannel interiors and are designed to keep you warm on cold nights, even if you’re sleeping in the same bed as someone else. They’re also washable and durable, making them an excellent budgeting choice for those looking for a comfortable night’s sleep. Get both the room spray and bed sheets from Urban Outfitters and Amazon respectively to create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom hassle-free.

Dimmable Bedside Lamp

-A dimmable bedside lamp can help you customize the brightness of your room to your liking. With a bedside lamp, you can dim the light to the desired level and avoid the headache of trying to adjust the brightness on a TV or computer screen.

– A nightlight is another useful feature of a bedside lamp. It’s a low-wattage light source that provides enough light for reading in bed without waking up family members.

– Bulb firefly table lamps are ideal for providing light without being too bright. They’re easy to use and come in different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any bedroom.

– When looking for room ideas for small spaces, sconces are another simple yet effective option. They provide bright illumination without consuming much electricity, making them an eco-friendly choice as well.

– Dimmable bedside lamps can be found for as low as $17, making them affordable and easy to find.

Down Alternative Duvet Insert

-Down alternative duvet inserts are a must-have for making your bedroom cozy and comfortable. Down is known for its lofty and light feel, but it can get expensive over the long term. Down alternative duvet inserts, such as those made of cotton, provide the same warmth and comfort without the cost or ecological impact of down comforters.

– Down alternative duvet inserts come in a variety of materials, such as buttery brushed cotton, linen, boho-inspired diamond-stitch cotton, percale, sateen and channel cotton. Choose a material that is both warm and comfortable for your sleeping temperatures.

– Check out our guide to duvet covers for more information on choosing the perfect cover for your bed.

Down alternative duvet inserts can be used in any climate, making them an excellent choice for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint when sleeping. They provide the same softness and comfort as down without the cost or environmental impact of down comforters.

Antiqued Zinc Hanging Lantern

-A hanging lantern is a great alternative to hanging plants in spaces with limited natural light.

– They provide a bit of extra ambiance and give off soft light, making the area feel cozier.

– To start, choose an ornate lantern with a sturdy frame. This will ensure it doesn’t easily tip over in the wind or when being carried.

– Now decorate it with candles and other decor items to add a special touch. This will make the lantern look even more beautiful when lit.

-Anthropologie’s 25-piece Dappled Glass Votive Set is another great option. It has an even prettier look when lit, thanks to its shimmering glass pieces.

– Plus, it comes with 10 different shapes and sizes for you to choose from, so there’s likely one that fits your decor style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need for a cozy bedroom?

To create a cozy bedroom, you will need:

1. Soft and warm throws for snuggling up in bed or on the sofa. These can be made of faux fur or any other comforting fabric that encourages relaxation.

2. A duvet or comforter for a luxurious night’s sleep, and extra blankets and pillows for chilly nights. Choose a duvet filling – down, feather, wool, synthetic – that suits your needs and preferences perfectly.

3. Candles or faux fireplaces to create an inviting atmosphere. Scented candles are the perfect way to relax before bedtime and the crackling sound of a faux fireplace gives off the feeling of coziness.

4. Baskets to store extra blankets, pillows, and other items. Not only do these baskets look attractive but they also hide away clutter so your room appears neat and tidy at all times.

5. Soft and inviting textures, such as rugs, carpets, and linens, to create a cozy atmosphere. This can be achieved by using plush rugs, cushy carpets, and soft beddings like quilts and coverlets.

What should every master bedroom have?

If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into the perfect master suite, then here are few things that should be on your list:

1. Window coverings: Invest in curtains, shades or window blinds to set the atmosphere of the room. These can provide privacy and also dim the light for a cozy atmosphere.

2. A full-length mirror: You’ll want a full-length mirror so you can check out your outfit before stepping out of the bedroom.

3. Wall decor: Personalize your bedroom by adding some wall decor like art pieces, photographs, or even wallpaper. This will make the room feel more intimate and comfortable.

4. A rug: Throw in a comfy rug in front of the bed to add warmth and comfort. This is great if you have cold tile floors or hardwood floors in your bedroom.

5. Plants, candles and diffusers: Adding some greenery, candles and essential oil diffusers with soothing scents like lavender can instantly spruce up the look of any bedroom and give it a spa-like ambiance.

How can I make my bedroom cozy without spending money?

Making your bedroom cozy without spending money is easier than you think! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Neutral Colors and Textures: Choose shades like whites, tans, and light grays to decorate your bedroom walls. This will give the room an overall neutral look that creates a cozy and calming atmosphere. Additionally, add cozy textures such as linens, velvets, or sheepskins for a luxurious feel.

2. Natural Wood Elements: Incorporate natural wood elements in your bedroom design to create a warm and inviting ambience. You can use wood furniture pieces, accessories, and even decor items made from wood for a rustic yet modern feel in your bedroom.

3. Candlelight and Trinkets: Adding candles to the bedroom can provide the area with a romantic and intimate feel. Additionally, adding trinkets such as photographs or other decor pieces can also brighten up the space without costing too much money.

4. Lighting: Experimenting with different lighting options in the bedroom can help create a warmer atmosphere in the room. Consider investing in dimmer switches or even string lights to switch up the look of the room without having to spend too much money.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coziness in your bedroom. From the perfect mattress topper to the light blocking window curtain, you can create a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation for yourself with just a few must-have items. Whether it’s a cozy fleece throw blanket or an antiqued zinc hanging lantern, these bedroom decor pieces will make your bedroom feel extra special. So stop dreaming about the perfect bedroom and start making it!